08.11.2019 ~ Speaking @ Miami Dade College, Making Art Your Carrer.

MINT ART HAUS⁽ᵀᴹ⁾ is a South Florida based design and image making company specializing in modern branding, graphic design, publications, and art direction.

Our focus is on artist portfolio development, as well as design services including websites and promotional material for businesses, culture sectors, and the arts.

Our work is approached with a playful and open mindset, focusing the aesthetic narrative on out of the box creativity and bold design decisions.

Our goal is to set up a brick and mortar studio, gallery, and shop as an all-in-one creative hub in the arts and design districts of South Florida, allowing us to provide a venue in which artists, curators, and creative businesses can develop projects that recognizes the value of artistic exploration and experimentation.

Contact us for inquiries or to just have an interesting talk about art and design. We are currently accepting new projects, and always excited to hear about interesting collaborations and proposals.





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